Board of the Faculty of Arts Faculty of Arts


Chairperson: Professor Tang Xiaobing Max, Dean of Arts
Members:  Professor Tuan Rocky Sung Chi

Professor Ng Wai Ming Benjamin
Professor Cheng Chung Yi
Professor Cheung Chin Hung Sidney
Professor Gordon Mathews
Professor Tang Sze Wing
Professor Tam Wai Lun
Professor Jette Hansen Edwards
Professor Frank Vigneron
Professor Lai Ming Chiu
Professor Pan Haihua
Professor Lau Cheung Kong Frederick
Professor Cheung Kam Ching Leo
Professor Wong Wang Chi Lawrence
Dr. Jose Lai
Professor David Faure
Professor Andrew B. Kipnis
Professor Ho Che Wah
Professor Hua Wei
Professor Kwong Ho Yee Connie
Professor Shen Pei
Professor Yim Chi Hung Lawrence
Professor Zhang Jian
Professor Kwan Shui Man
Professor Lai Chi Tim
Professor Lim Song Hwee
Professor Pang Lai Kwan
Professor Ying Fuk Tsang
Professor Simon Haines
Professor David Huddart
Professor Jane Jackson
Professor Gerald Nelson
Professor Cheung Sui Wai
Professor Ho Pui Yin
Professor Lynne Yukie Nakano
Professor Pan Victor Junnan
Professor Tang Wai Lan Gladys
Professor Wong Chun Man Patrick
Professor Yip Choy Yin Virginia
Professor Cheong Wai Ling
Professor Mak Su Yin 
Professor Huang Yong
Professor Lau Chong Fuk
Professor Lau Kwok Ying
Professor Li Hon Lam
Professor Jan Kiely
Dr. Lo Hau Man
Professor Fan Sin Piu
Professor Michael O'Sullivan
Professor Saulius Geniusas
Professor Cheung Lik Kwan
Professor Tan Jia

Professor Stuart McManus
Professor Adam Joseph Kielman
Professor Kristof Van Den Troost
Dr. Cheung Wing Mui
Ms. Annette Josefa Maria Frömel
Ms. Cheung Yuet Ying Olive
Ms. Leung Kit Chi Ella

Mr. Li Ka Ho

Secretary:  Ms. May Wong


Terms of reference:

The Board of the Faculty of Arts shall co-ordinate the activities of the Departments within the Faculty and it shall be its function to consider and deal with the recommendations of the Departments of the Faculty


  • on the content of courses for the degree or degrees; and
  • on the details of syllabuses.


The Committee will serve from 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020.