Faculty Executive Committee Faculty of Arts


Chairperson: Professor Tang Xiaobing Max
Members: Professor Ng Wai Ming Benjamin
  Professor Cheng Chung Yi
  Professor Cheung Chin Hung Sidney
  Professor Gordon Mathews
  Professor Tang Sze Wing
  Professor Tam Wai Lun
  Professor Jette Hansen Edwards
  Professor Frank Vigneron
  Professor Lai Ming Chiu
  Professor Pan Haihua
  Professor Lau Cheung Kong Frederick
  Professor Cheung Kam Ching Leo
  Professor Wong Wang Chi Lawrence
  Dr Jose Lai
  Dr. Wu Weiping
  Professor David Faure
Secretary: Ms. May Wong


Terms of reference:

1. To assist the Dean of the Faculty in the performance of his/her duties;

2. To initiate plans for Faculty development;

3. To assist the Dean of the Faculty in managing the budget, finances and space of the Faculty; and

4. To deal with any matter referred to it by the Vice-Chancellor or his designate, AAPC or the Faculty Board.


The Committee will serve from 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020.