Ms Olive Cheung receives Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award 2019 Faculty of Arts

We are delighted to announce that Ms Olive Cheung, Senior Lecturer of English Language Teaching Unit, has received the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award 2019 in recognition of her commitment and contributions to English language teaching.

Ms Cheung shared her convictions on teaching: “The pivot of our work at the English Language Teaching Unit is to help students become effective and responsible communicators in a globalized community and to equip them with the language skills required to succeed in their academic and professional pursuits, a goal which I hope to have achieved through building coherent language courses that answer the needs of the target student body.”

Ms Cheung also expressed gratitude to her mentors and colleagues for being her role models. Why do students matter most to her? “I sincerely thank my students, who keep my work challenging and fulfilling every day,” Ms Cheung said.


The Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award Scheme was launched in the year 1999 to give recognition to outstanding teachers. 21 teachers from 10 Departments and Teaching Units in the Faculty of Arts have received the Award to date.