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Following his three previous public lecture series on The Dream of the Red Chamber and Kunqu opera, Prof. Kenneth Pai Hsien-yung, Distinguished Professor-at-Large, hosted a series of two public lectures at CUHK on film adaptations of novels. He shared his views on the intertwining nature of films and novels as artistic mediums, and provided analysis of two 1980s Chinese films, Jade Love and The Last Aristocrats, both of which were adapted from novels written by Prof. Pai. The lecture of 20 March was attended by Lisa Lu Yan and Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia, two renowned actresses linked to the production of The Last Aristocrats.


The Faculty of Arts of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has launched the 7th Global Youth Chinese Literary Award, which targets full-time undergraduate students of diverse disciplines from local and international institutions. The competition will be open for online submission from now until 31 May 2019. For details, please visit


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Professor Pai Hsien-yung Kenneth, Distinguished Professor-at-Large of CUHK, delivered two public lectures on Kunqu Opera, a traditional form of Chinese performing arts, at the University on 27th and 29th November 2018. Professor Pai explained in the lectures how he introduced Kunqu and the cultural significance behind to different universities in the Greater China and North America. He also shared his experience in producing the youthful rendition of The Peony Pavilion and The Story of Jade Hairpin, and his mission of rejuvenating the Chinese classic performing arts in order to reach out to the younger generation. The two lectures, which were a prelude to the The Peony Pavilion (Students’ Edition) Joint Performance on the coming Sunday, were attended by over 800 CUHK staff, students and members of the public.


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Prof. Pai Hsien-yung Kenneth, Distinguished Professor-at-Large, delivered a series of three evening public lectures at the University on the classic Chinese novel The Dream of the Red Chamber, between 29 January and 2 February 2018.

The subject of the talks, The Dream of the Red Chamber - the epic late-18th century saga by writer Cao Xueqin, which has spawned its own academic discipline - attracted hundreds of students, alumni, staff members and members of the public. In his opening remarks preceding the series, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Fok Tai-fai paid tribute to Prof. Pai's boundless charisma and his contribution to rejuvenating the propagation of Chinese culture.

Prof. Pai, an avid scholar of The Dream of the Red Chamber, shared his views on the novel's use of poetry, its two different major versions and power of tragedy in its final portion across the three lectures.

Miss Carissa Ma, graduate of the Department of English, is awarded the Esther Yewpick Lee Millennium Scholarship to pursue a Master of Studies in English at the University of Oxford from October this year.

The Faculty is delighted to have invited Carissa to share with us her learning experience and tips.

To showcase the talents of young writers in Chinese literary writing and encourage sharing of experience in creative writing, the Faculty of Arts organised the 6th Global Youth Chinese Literary Award, targeting full-time tertiary students in the region and beyond. We were honoured to have invited eminent scholars as our final adjudicators, namely Professor Lee Ou-fan Leo, Professor Chen Pingyuan and Mr. Chen Fang-ming (Prose Writing) ; Professor Wang Anyi, Mr. Chan Koon-chung, Mr. Lo Yi-chin (Short Story Writing); and Professor Yu Kwang-chung, Professor Jin Sheng-hwa Serena and Professor Perng Ching-hsi (Literary Translation). We were also pleased to have Mr. Li Jing-duan to be our Honorary Advisor.

This year, more than 1,000 entries from over 200 higher education institutions around the world were received. The Award was divided into three categories: prose writing, short story writing and literary translation. Three winners (1st-3rd place) of each category (only the 2nd place was awarded in the “Literary Translation” category in this year) received their respective awards, and 69 entrants received Special Commendation Awards for their outstanding works. To offer a precious opportunity of sharing among renowned adjudicators and contestants, and the public, the Organising Committee conducted a Creative Writing and Literary Translation Workshop on 6 April 2017. The Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 7 April 2017. The winning works of the 6th Global Youth Chinese Literary Award were displayed at the Exhibition Gallery of the Hong Kong Central Library from 8 to 18 April 2017. Please visit the Award’s website for details.


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CUHK Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions held on 5 November attracted about 54 thousand prospective students and visitors. A series of activities, including admissions talks, exhibitions and programme consultations, guided tours and open house activities were organized by our respective departments and teaching units. Secondary school students and parents visited our booths at Esther Lee Building in Chung Chi College to gain the latest information about the Faculty and our major programmes. The admission talks attracted a full house of audience.