March 20, 2019

Following his three previous public lecture series on The Dream of the Red Chamber and Kunqu opera, Prof. Kenneth Pai Hsien-yung, Distinguished Professor-at-Large, hosted a series of two public lectures at CUHK on film adaptations of novels. He shared his views on the intertwining nature of films and novels as artistic mediums, and provided analysis of two 1980s Chinese films, Jade Love and The Last Aristocrats, both of which were adapted from novels written by Prof. Pai. The lecture of 20 March was attended by Lisa Lu Yan and Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia, two renowned actresses linked to the production of The Last Aristocrats.


January 28, 2019

The Faculty of Arts of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has launched the 7th Global Youth Chinese Literary Award, which targets full-time undergraduate students of diverse disciplines from local and international institutions. The competition will be open for online submission from now until 31 May 2019. For details, please visit


December 3, 2018

Professor Pai Hsien-yung Kenneth, Distinguished Professor-at-Large of CUHK, delivered two public lectures on Kunqu Opera, a traditional form of Chinese performing arts, at the University on 27th and 29th November 2018. Professor Pai explained in the lectures how he introduced Kunqu and the cultural significance behind to different universities in the Greater China and North America. He also shared his experience in producing the youthful rendition of The Peony Pavilion and The Story of Jade Hairpin, and his mission of rejuvenating the Chinese classic performing arts in order to reach out to the younger generation. The two lectures, which were a prelude to the The Peony Pavilion (Students’ Edition) Joint Performance on the coming Sunday, were attended by over 800 CUHK staff, students and members of the public.