Student Achievements Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts is proud to be the breeding ground of prominent leaders in various professions and promising scholars in the humanities. Year after year, our graduates and students demonstrate their excellence in academic, sport, and extracurricular activities. The Faculty is proud to share some of their stories of hard work:







  1. Lau Kit Yu, Undergraduate in Chinese Language and Literature
    第二十五屆全港學界律詩創作比賽大學及大專組 季軍

  2. Au Yik Pui, PhD Graduate in Religious Studies
    First Prize in East-West Theological Forum Prize

    EWTF Prize was launched for the first time in 2015 by the East West Theological Forum ( The assessment is based on excellence in writing as well as theological perspective demonstrated in contestants' papers. Her paper “Eucharistic Spirituality to Counter Social Exclusion: An Examination of Miroslav Volf's Theology of Embrace” was selected for the First Prize


  3. Lam Pui Yuk, Undergraduate in Linguistics
    3rd Prize in the Consulate General of Spain Prize 

    The Consulate General of Spain Prize is co-organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Consulate of Spain. The prize promotes the Spanish language and culture among our Modern Languages students. This award supports students on their summer language studies in Spain. Selection is based on both the candidates’ language proficiency and the number of courses taken in the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages.


  4. Wangtaolue Guo, Undergraduate in Translation
    Award of Excellence in General Text: Chinese-English in the 4th BLCU International Translation and Interpreting Competition

    The competition was launched by the Beijing Language and Culture University in 2011 to empower college students in cross-cultural exchanges, identify outstanding translators and interpreters, and promote the development of the translation and interpreting industry.




  1. Wong Kai Sum, MPhil in Chinese Language and Literature
    First Prize in the student category in 24th Chinese Poetry Writing Competition

    The Chinese Poetry Writing Competition has been organized annually by the Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL) of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department since 1991. The Competition aims to promote the proficiency in Chinese language and appreciation of Chinese literature with rhymes. The Competition drew an enthusiastic response and received more than 650 entries. The competition consists of a student and an open category.
  2. Wang Guanyu, PhD in History of Chinese Art
    Awarded the J. S. Lee Memorial Fellowship (2014/2015 Fellows)

    The J. S. Lee Memorial Fellowship Programme was established in 2008 in memory of Dr. Lee Jung Sen’s lifelong promotion and contribution towards Chinese art. The Programme supports curators, museum professionals and Chinese art history research academics taking part in fellowships in the Programme Participating Institutions. Selected Fellows will have the opportunities to work under leading curatorial professionals, and to participate in curatorial work and research for a period of 4 to 12 months.


  3. Ng Wai San, Graduate in Philosophy
    Awarded Sin Wai Kin CUHK Golden Jubilee Scholarships in Arts, History and Philosophy (2013 & 2014)

    With the objective to recognize the outstanding academic performance of students from the Faculty of Arts, the 'Sin Wai Kin CUHK Golden Jubilee Scholarship in Arts, History and Philosophy' was established by Dr Sin Wai-kin, David, Chairman of Sin Wai Kin Foundation and Myer Jewelry Manufacturer Limited, in 2013 in the midst of the Golden Jubilee of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Ng Wai-san won the scholarship twice.


  4. Chung Kin-man, Undergraduate in Philosophy
    Group Excellent Golden Award – The 3rd Hong Kong Student Quiz Competition of Chinese National Conditions and Knowledge (University)

    The Award is presented by the Office for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China; Education Bureau, The Government of HKSAR; Wenweipo. It aims at enhancing the knowledge of China in different aspects such as culture, history, geography and current issues.

  5. Lee Sam Yuen John, PhD in History
    Awarded CUHK Golden Jubilee Imperial Museum Scholarship 2014-15

    This scholarship scheme aims to encourage undergraduate and postgraduate students who determine to pursue their study in Humanities for the understanding of cultural development of mankind.



  1. Lai Ming-chu Elva, Graduate in Master of Fine Arts
    Winner of Emerging Artist Category in Hong Kong Humans Art Prize 

    The Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize was inaugurated by the Hong Kong Refugee Advice Centre in 2013. The awards are presented to emerging and community artists to recognize their contributions in raising social awareness of human rights. The Prize is divided into two categories: Emerging Artists and Community Artists.
  2. Yau Wing Fung, Undergraduate in Fine Arts
    Merit Award in Tertiary Section in Au Kin Kung Memorial Calligraphy Competition 

    Au Kin Kung Memorial Calligraphy Competition is organized by Chung Chi College, CUHK. It aims to promote Chinese calligraphy and arouse the interest of Hong Kong teenagers in this unique Asian art. The Competition is one of the College art programmes supported and funded by Dr. Kan Kit Keung and Dr. Kam Yuen Han, both Chung Chi alumni, in memory of Mr. Au Kin Kung, Dr. Kan’s calligraphy teacher.


  3. LI Haoze, PhD in Linguistics
    Awarded James McCawley Fellowship 

    The Linguistics Society of America administers the biennial fellowship competition to ensure that awardees are able to attend the institute tuition-free. The James McCawley Fellowship was one of the aforementione fellowship which was established in 1999. The fellowship is available for either 1) a graduate student from the University of Chicago, or 2) a graduate student from an Asian country. ("Asian country" is defined as Burma, Cambodia, China (including Taiwan), Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.) This award includes tuition, plus travel, room and board for the Asian student where applicable.


  4. Chung Sin Yin, Undergraduate in Japanese Studies
    Second-Runner Up in Female Kumite presented by the Gojuryu Karatedo Ryushinkai Hong Kong Branch 

  5. Chor Kai-hei, Poon Ka-mei Camille, Ng Yu-ching Shelley, Graduates in Music
    Outstanding Award in the Chamber Ensemble in the 1st Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld International String Competition 

    The Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld International String Competition (勛菲爾德國際弦樂比賽) was organized by the Grandmaster Orchestral Music Society (藝韻管弦樂團協會) in August 2013. The competition recognizes and promotes highly gifted musicians. The was held in the Auditorium of Tsuen Wan Town Hall. With over 300 contestants from 20 countries, the competition received an enthusiastic response. The competition was consisted of two divisions – chamber and aficionado and two groups – profession and open

  6. Wu Xiaofang, PhD in Translation
    Honorable Mention in Chinese-to-English section in the China International Translation Contest 

    The contest was co-hosted by the State Council Information Office, Chinese Writer Association and the China International Publishing Group. The organizing committee provided 30 pieces of contemporary Chinese short stories from which to choose, and 1,006 renditions were received from over 30 countries in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. Wu Xiafong won the award with Mo Yan’s “The Moonlight Blade”

  7. Cheng Tsz Kin, MPhil in History
    Received Reaching Out Award 2013-14

    With the funding support from the HKSAR Government, the University has set up the Reaching Out Award (ROA) since 2012-13 to recognize students for their excellent achievements in non-academic fields, and to equip them with international exposure.