Admissions to Postgraduate Programmes Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts houses a total of 44 postgraduate programmes


Taught Postgraduate Programmes

  1. MA in Anthropology
  2. MA in Chinese Language and Literature
  3. MA in Cultural Management
  4. MA in Intercultural Studies
  5. MA in Visual Culture Studies
  6. MA in English (Applied English Linguistics)
  7. MA in English (Literary Studies)
  8. MA in Fine Arts
  9. MA in Comparative and Public History
  10. MA in Japanese Studies
  11. MA in Linguistics
  12. MA in Chinese Linguistics and Language Acquisition
  13. MA in Music
  14. MA in Philosophy
  15. MA in Religious Studies
  16. Master of Divinity’
  17. MA in Christian Studies
  18. MA in Theological Studies
  19. MA in Translation


Postgraduate Prospectus for Taught Postgraduate Programmes 2016-17



Research Postgraduate Programmes


Anthropology MPhil
Chinese Language and Literature MPhil MPhil
Cultural Studies MPhil – PhD
English (Applied English Linguistics) MPhil
English (Literary Studies) MPhil
History of Chinese Art MPhil – PhD
Master of Fine Arts MFA
History MPhil
Japanese Studies MPhil – PhD
Linguistics MPhil – PhD
Master of Music  MMus
Doctor of Music  DMus
Music MPhil
Philosophy MPhil
Religious Studies MPhil-PhD
Translation MPhil


Postgraduate Prospectus for Research Programmes 2016-17



Students are advised to approach the Graduate School for information on admissions.