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Undergraduate Programmes

The Faculty of Arts is dedicated to promoting effective dialogue within the humanities and to melding Chinese and Western cultures. It not only cultivates the transmission and transformation of knowledge, thought, and culture, but also offers an education that fosters an open and inquisitive mind and independent and critical thought.



The Faculty of Arts runs the most comprehensive programmes in humanities in Hong Kong. 13 major programmes are offered by our departments, and one by the Faculty:


The Faculty also offers two Double-Degree programmes in collaboration with the Faculty of Law:


In addition, two co-terminal Double-Degree programmes are offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Education:




Students are advised to approach the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid for information on admissions.


Please refer to the "Regulations Governing Admission to Full-time Undergraduate Studies" in the Undergraduate Admissions Handbook published by the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid for the University's minimum entrance requirements and the additional requirements of individual programmes.



Faculty Courses

The Faculty also offers two courses to all undergraduate students:

  1. From Tradition to Modernity: Selected Readings of 20th-Century Chinese Culture (ARTS1002)

    (Chinese version only)


  2. Introduction to Chinese Classics (ARTS1003)

    (Chinese version only)
    課程由鄧立光博士主講,主要概述中國古代經典與中國文化的關係,並選講儒釋道經典如《易經》、《四書》、《孝經》、《老子》、《莊子》、《心經》等,講解其中的內容及思想要旨,讓學生對國學經典有一概括認知,從而理解中國傳統文化精神的特質。除了講課及導修課外,並安排專家講座。此課程由國學中心提供,為文學院課程 (Faculty Package)選修課,適用於2015-16年或以後入讀的學生。此課程上下學期均有提供,上課時間為逢星期二下午2:30-5:15。


The following course is offered to postgraduates on the Ph.D. and MPhil levels from all departments of the Faculty of Arts:
RECONNECTIONS: China across Humanities (ARTS 6000/CULS6070)

RECONNECTIONS: China across Humanities
人文重構:中國文化的跨學科研究(ARTS 6000/CULS6070)
Different special topics will be discussed in each cohort. The course is offered in Term 1, every Friday from 2:30pm to 5:15pm