Understanding Globalization Through Chungking Mansions Faculty of Arts
Speaker: Prof. Gordon Mathews (Department of Anthropology)
Date: 24 February 2012 (Fri)
Time: 4:00pm
Venue: LT2, 7th Floor, Mong Man Wai Building, CUHK
Language: English
Abstract: Chungking Mansions is perhaps the most globalized building in the world. It is where traders from sub-Saharan Africa and across the globe come to seek their fortunes, in buying cheap goods from China and taking them home in their luggage or by container, to be sold in the marketplaces of cities such as Lagos, Nairobi, and Karachi. Chungking Mansions is a central node in “globalization from below”: not the globalization of multinational corporations with their billion-dollar budgets, but of traders crossing continents with their goods, working through personal connections under the radar of the law.


understanding globalization through chungking mansions 1  understanding globalization through chungking mansions 2


Professor Leung Yuen-sang, Dean of Arts, inaugurated the colloquium series at the first lecture. 


understanding globalization through chungking mansions 3 


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