Getting Ready for Change: Hong Kong Public Museums in Face of Cultural and Managerial Challenges Faculty of Arts
Speaker: Prof. Celine Lai
Date: 16 Mar 2017 (Fri)
Time:  4:00pm
Venue:  G24, Arts and Humanities Hub, Fung King Hey Building, CUHK
Language: English

It has been more than a decade since we expected to see a new museum in the West Kowloon Cultural District. The wait is long, and it has been a rather alarming period for existing Hong Kong public museums in the face of excitement and increasing demands from the general public. In this project, which investigated the series of changes that local museum were adapted to (for example, in terms of interactive technologies and blockbuster exhibitions), I discovered that something of higher importance has been overlooked—our own permanent collection. Objects are the core business of a museum. Why was it neglected? And what were the impacts of taking focus off the permanent collection? These questions invite many thoughts that ought to be sorted out before plans are set to build better museums.


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