Archaeology is an inter-disciplinary subject that integrates knowledge in humanities, social science, and science. This minor programme provides students an option to develop an integrated focus on archaeology by bringing together various perspectives including anthropology, culture management, fine arts, geography and geology, and history. Students will learn about the preservation and management of archaeological sites and excavated objects, and relevant data such as in art and historical studies.

While there is growing awareness about the significance of archaeological discoveries in Hong Kong and the rest of East Asia, systematic training is lacking locally. This minor programme is the first and only programme in Hong Kong that teaches students basic skills in archaeological excavation and research, as well as knowledge in the appreciation, curation, and exhibition of archaeological materials. The programme will connect students with Archaeology programmes in Mainland China and overseas, to expand their perspectives beyond Hong Kong.   

In light of increasing admission figures to archaeological exhibitions, students will find themselves equipped for culture-related careers, especially in archaeological excavations, museums, education, and cultural tourism.

The programme is coordinated by the Department of Anthropology and students are required to complete 21 units of courses.

Courses (21 units)
ANTH 4 courses (12 units) + CUMT/HIST/GRMD/FAAS 3 course (9 units) = 7 courses (21 units)

  1. Required Course (3 units)

    ANTH1710 Understanding Archaeology

  2. Elective Courses

    ANTH (choose any 3 out of the following 5 courses, with at least 1 course at 3000 or above level)ANTH2710 Archaeology of China
    ANTH2720 Archaeology of Hong Kong
    ANTH2810 Human Evolution
    ANTH3770 Making Places: Landscapes, Culture and Society
    ANTH3780 Archaeological Field Methods (new course in 2016-17)

    CUMT/FAAS/GRMD/HIST (choose any 3 out of the following 13 courses, with at least 1 course at 3000 or above level)
    CUMT2004 Chinese Material Culture
    CUMT3009 Interpreting Chinese Antiquities
    FAAS1600 Artistic Traditions in China
    FAAS2103 Art along the Silk Road
    FAAS2104 History of Early Chinese Ceramics
    FAAS3104 Jingdezhen and Beyond: History of Later Chinese Ceramics
    GRMD2105 Introduction to GIS
    GRMD2209 Physical Geology
    HIST2140 State and Society in Ancient China
    HIST3106 Regional Cultures in Han China
    HIST4141 Iconographies, Unearthed Documents and Qin-Han History
    HIST4142 History of Material Culture of Ancient China
    HIST4390 Ancient Egypt: History, Art, Religion, and Modern Perceptions

  3. Internship (Optional)

Please contact Prof. Lam Wengcheong or Prof. Sharon Wong Wai-yee for further details.

Students’ internship reports (for reference):

Students can obtain the necessary form at Registration and Examinations Section (RES). Completed form has to be first endorsed by the Department of Anthropology and then submitted to RES during the period specified by them.

If you have any questions, please call the department at 3943-7670/ 3943-7677, or e-mail us at anthropology@cuhk.edu.hk.