Professor Chiao Chien served as a Professor at the Chinese University from 1973 until 1995. As an anthropologist, he was originally teaching in Sociology, but in 1980, he was instrumental in founding the Department of Anthropology at CUHK. It is because of his initial efforts back then that the Dept. of Anthropology at CUHK is alive and flourishing today, almost 40 years later.

Thank you for your efforts, Chiao Chien! In the Department of Anthropology here at CUHK, you will never be forgotten! 

Rest in peace,

Gordon Mathews

Department of Anthropology


Memorizing articles

人類學大師辭世 敬悼喬健榮譽教授

(A Facebook page has been established for students, teachers, and alumni to express their gratitude to Prof. Chiao Chien. If you have any memories or information to share with us, feel free to post on the page or send to us via Facebook message, we will share it on the page afterwards.)