Sharon Wai-yee Wong

Assistant Professor

Office NAH 305
Office Tel. 3943 5549
Email sharonwwy"at"
Education qualification Ph.D. National University of Singapore
Languages Cantonese, English, Putonghua


Prof. Sharon Wong studied Southeast Asian archaeology and cultures and received her PhD in Southeast Asian Studies from the National University of Singapore. Her PhD research focused on China and Khmer ceramics industries from the ninth to fourteenth centuries AD, examining the cultural interaction between China and Southeast Asia in the pre-modern period. Dr. Wong became deeply interested in Southeast Asian cultures, and since 2005 her academic journey has followed this path. She lived in Singapore and Cambodia while undertaking her extensive fieldwork. She was originally trained in archaeology and awarded her M.A. from the School of Archaeology and Museology in Peking University, China, and her first fieldwork on ancient craft production was in Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian. She has also conducted comparative research on museum exhibition displays and catalogues in material culture when she was a research fellow at National Library of Singapore. She is currently working on Khmer-Chinese ceramics research project in Angkor, Cambodia, archaeological research project on storage jars found in South China and Southeast Asia in early modern period, and an intangible cultural heritage project on Hong Kong traditional ceramic crafts. Dr. Wong teaches courses on archaeology, museology, cultural heritage studies and Southeast Asian cultures.

Research interests

Archaeology, China-Southeast Asian cultural interaction in pre-modern period, trade ceramic studies, technology of craft production, museology, cultural heritage studies

Geographical areas of research

Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Southeast Asia

Courses taught

ANTH 2450/GENA 2332 Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia

ANTH 2710 Archaeology of China

ANTH 2730/ UGED 2668 Preserving Cultural Heritage

ANTH 4720/ANTH 5720 Museums and Anthropology

Current research

“Archaeological Studies on Storage Jars found in South China and Southeast Asia during the 15th to 17th Centuries” Direct Grant, CUHK
“On In-depth Cross-cultural Exchange: Chinese Elements in the Early Ceramic Production Centre of Angkor, Cambodia” RGC Early Career Scheme, (no. CUHK 24607115)
“Archaeological Study on Khmer Ceramic Industries in Angkor, Cambodia” Direct Grant, CUHK

“Hong Kong Traditional Ceramic Crafts”, Lord Wilson Heritage Trust, HKSAR

Consultant and advisory

Member, Antiquities Advisory Board, HKSAR Government

Museum Expert Adviser (Archaeology), Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR Government

Selected Publications

2005 (Co-editors with Cheng Pei-kai, Li Guo, Maggie Wan Chuiki) China Westward: Bibliography and Research Guide Chinese Porcelain and East-West Maritime Trade 12th to 15th C. Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Co. (HK) Ltd. (ISBN:962-8885-49-9), 387 pages.
2003 (Co-editors with Cheng Pei-kai, Li Guo, Maggie Wan Chuiki) China Westward: Chinese Export Ceramics from 12th C. to 15th C. Exhibition Catalogue. Hong Kong: Chinese Civilisation Centre, City University of Hong Kong. (ISBN: 962-442-249-4), 77 pages.
Book chapters and journal articles
2018 Some Chinese Ceramic Findings from Cambodia during Post-Angkorian Period (15th-19th Centuries), in Li Jian'an (ed.) The Maritime Silk Road: Proceedings of the International Symposium of the Dongxi Kiln. Fuzhou: Fujian Renmin chubanshe, pp. 170-174.
2017 Rethinking Storage Jars Found in the 9th to 20th Centuries Archaeological Sites in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau, Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient, 103: 333-358.
2016 A Case Report on the Function(s) of the ‘Mercury Jar’: Fort Canning, Singapore, in the 14th Century, Archaeological Research in Asia, 7: 10-17.
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2004 A Study of the Ceramic Industry Remains in Guangdong by Stages during the Tang-Song Period. Dongnan wenhua (Southeast Culture), 5:44-49.
Other publications
2018 Survey and Research Reports, in Ko Po-yee, Yiu, Hoi-ki, and Wong, Wai-yee Sharon (eds.) Made in Hong Kong ·Ceramic Factory: Research Work Collection of the Majestic Chemical Art Craft Manufacture in Lei Yue Mun. Hong Kong: Jockey Club Lei Yue Mun Plus Museum, pp. 32-77.
2017 (Ed.) Touching Angkor: From Temples to Cities, Archaeology & Cultural Heritage in Cambodia Exhibition Catalogue, Hong Kong: Department of Anthropology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 73 pages, ISBN: 978-988-78495-0-6.
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2015 “Southeast Asian Ceramics Found in Penny’s Bay, Hong Kong: Important Evidence of Exchange between China and Southeast Asia”, Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum Newsletter, 2014-15, 8 (2): 1-4.

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