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Email: cmgordon"at"

Areas of Interest: Meanings of life, culture and identity, low-end globalization, asylum seekers, life after death

Sidney C. H. CHEUNG

Email: sidneycheung"at"

Areas of Interest: Visual anthropology, anthropology of tourism, cultural heritage, food and identity, ethnicity and cultural nationalism, Ainu-Japanese relations


Email: abkipnis"at"

Areas of Interest: Urbanization, ritual industries, education, gift giving, gender and kinship, social relations, and truth

CHENG Sea Ling
Associate Professor

Email: sealing"at"

Areas of Interest: Sex work, human trafficking, refugees, women’s activism, and policy-making, HIV/AIDS campaigns and policies, The Vagina Monologues and transnational feminism, the politics of representation in anti-trafficking discourses, pedagogical issues in women's and gender studies and Asian studies

Teresa KUAN
Associate Professor

Email: tkuan"at"

Areas of Interest: Anthropology of China, anthropology of ethics, childhood studies, psychological anthropology, medical anthropology

Siumi Maria TAM
Associate Professor

Email: siumitam"at"

Areas of Interest: Cultural identity and social transformation, family and marriage, cross-border mobility and social marginalization, gender and ethnic relations

HUANG Hsuan-Ying
Assistant Professor

Email: hsuan-ying.huang"at"

Areas of Interest: Medical and psychiatric anthropology, anthropology of China, mental health, psychotherapy (especially psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis)

Wengcheong LAM
Assistant Professor

Email: wlam"at"

Areas of Interest: Archaeology, metallurgy, zooarchaeology, GIS in archaeology, development of metal technology in China, history of material culture and art in ancient China, craft production, gender archaeology, commodities and economic anthropology

Matthew WEST
Assistant Professor

Email: mwest"at"

Areas of Interest: Economic and Legal Anthropology; Anthropology of Science and Technology; Globalization and Inequality; Creativity, Copying, and the Knowledge Economy; Patents, Copyright, Property, and Piracy; Infrastructures of Commodity Circulation; Green Capitalism and the Environment; Media and Technology; Cyberspace and New Digital Worlds; Materiality and Thing Theory; Peircean Semiotics; Anthropological Theory and Qualitative Methods; China; Hong Kong; and Taiwan.

Sharon Wai-yee WONG
Assistant Professor

Email: sharonwwy"at"

Areas of Interest: Archaeology, China-Southeast Asian cultural interaction in pre-modern period, trade ceramic studies, technology of craft production, museology, cultural heritage studies

CHEN Ju-chen

Email: juchen"at" 

Areas of Interest:Anthropology of China, urban studies, social differences,
globalization and labor migration, gender, class, consumption and mass media

Mick ATHA (Ph.D., University of York) 
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: mickatha"at"
Avron BORETZ (Ph.D., Cornell University)
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: boretz"at"
Joseph BOSCO (Ph.D., Columbia University)
Adjunct Associate Professor
Email: josephbosco"at"
Erika EVASDOTTIR(Ph.D., Harvard University)
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: evasdottir"at"
Manynooch FAMING (Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong)
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: nychma"at"
Venera R. KHALIKOVA(Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh)
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: venera.khalikova"at"
Janice LAU Ying Chui(Ph.D., CUHK)
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: janicelau"at"
Veronica S.W. MAK (Ph.D., CUHK)
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: veronica.mak"at"
NG Chi Wo (MPhil, CUHK)
Part-time Lecturer
Email: chiwo"at"
Mark STEVENSON (Ph.D., University of Melbourne)
Adjunct Associate Professor
Email: Mark.Stevenson"at"
TAN Chee Beng (Ph.D., Cornell University) 
Adjunct Professor
Email: cbengtan"at" cbengtan"at"
Wyman TANG (Ph.D., CUHK)
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email: wymantang"at"
Francesco VECCHIO (Ph.D., Monash University)
Adjunct Assistant Professor

CHAU Hing-wah
Curator (Intangible Heritage), Hong Kong Heritage Office

NG Chi Wa
Deputy Director (Culture), Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR

Susanna SIU
Executive Secretary, Antiquities and Monuments Office

Kathy K.L. WONG 
Executive Officer
Office Tel.: 3943 7679
Email: kathyw"at"

Project Coordinator
Office Tel.: 3943 9264
Email: lynnhuang "at"

LEUNG Ming Wah
Office Tel.: 3943 7450
Email: mwleung"at"

Grace C.H. TSANG 
General Clerk
Office Tel.: 3943 7670
Email: gracetsang"at"

Irene CHAN 
General Clerk
Office Tel.: 3943 7677
Email: irene.chan"at"

Anthropologists and Related Scholars in Other Departments

CHOI Po King
Educational Administration and Policy
Japanese Studies
Japanese Studies
Celine Yuen Yan LAI
Cultural Management
LEE Sing
LING Minhua
China Studies
Japanese Studies
Jenny F.S. SO
Fine Arts
TSENG Hsun-hui
Gender Studies
WU Ka Ming
Cultural and Religious Studies