About the Faculty

Established in 1963, the same year the Chinese University of Hong Kong was founded, the Faculty of Arts has always been pivotal to CUHK’s commitment to integrating Chinese and Western traditions, to bilingual education and innovative research. We believe the study of languages, cultures, religions, creative arts, history and philosophy fosters a humanistic spirit and enables us better to engage with a diverse global community. We take pride in being the intellectual home of many a world-renowned scholar, especially in the study of Chinese thought and culture. We are also proud to have over 30,000 alumni living and working in every part of the world.


Today, CUHK Arts is the largest Faculty dedicated to humanities research and education in Hong Kong, with 11 departments covering academic disciplines from Anthropology to Translation, a Center for China Studies, 2 language teaching units, and over 30 research centers. We offer 16 major programmes at the undergraduate level and over 30 taught and research postgraduate programmes, of which 15 are for a doctoral degree. Our academic staff of close to 300 professors and lecturers, with their broad range of expertise and research interests, help train not only new generations of scholars in different fields, but also imaginative learners and responsible citizens of society.