Young Researcher Award

The Young Researcher Award offered by the University is to recognize research accomplishments of young faculty members. The Award is open to all eligible full-time teachers at Assistant Professor rank or above and below the age of 45.


The recipients of the “Young Researcher Award” in the past 10 years are as follows:




2019-20 Prof Jeremy Yellen Japanese Studies
2018-19 Prof Kwok Bit Chee Chinese Language and Literature
2017-18 Prof Wu Ka-ming Cultural and Religious Studies
2016-17 Prof Zhong Lei Philosophy
2015-16 Prof Evelyn Chan English
2014-15 Prof Michael O’Sullivan English
2013-14 Prof Puk Wing Kin History
2012-13 Prof Wan Chui Ki Fine Arts
2011-12 Prof Yip Ching Wah Francis Cultural & Religious Studies
2010-11 Prof Tan Nam Hoon Nancy Cultural & Religious Studies