Academic Advising

With the purpose of supporting students’ academic development as part of the whole student support and pastoral care system to students, the University establishes the Academic Advising System. The Advising System primarily aims at providing academic advice to students during their studies in CUHK.


Every First-year student (both undergraduate and full-time postgraduate) will be assigned an academic adviser (Level I) from his/her home department / programme to support them throughout their studies in CUHK. For RPg students, the thesis supervisor will be the advisor and Programme Director for TPg students.


The academic adviser will meet with the students at least once a year to provide general advice on academic issues, such as course selection, guided study, adaptation to University learning modes and disciplinary fundamentals, etc. Students with academic problems will be assigned an additional advisor (Level II) in order to provide them extra support. Students are also advised to contact their Department / Programme for details.


The existing CUSIS functionalities enable students to access the information of their pre-assigned Level I Advisors.