Bark Painting from Perth, Australia
Food container from Sichuan, China
Amulet from Noribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan

Monthly Feature

Kiat Hun: Changes in Wedding Rituals and Customs in Southern Taiwan

Every year, the Anthropology Department organizes a field trip to give majors a chance to gain experience conducting fieldwork in another culture. This year, students did fieldwork on tradition and change in wedding rituals in Pingdong, southern Taiwan. (read more...)

Welcome to the Virtual Museum @ Anthropology, CUHK


The Virtual Museum at the Department of Anthropology, CUHK, offers a digital tour through the collection of ethnographic and archeological artifacts collected by the teachers and students of the Department over the last three decades.


The collection is the result of a tradition that dates back to the 1980s. For educational purposes, teachers started acquiring artifacts during the annual summer fieldtrip when they led students on an intensive two-week visit to cultures outside Hong Kong, such as Australia, Japan, and Malaysia. This tradition has been kept up ever since. Aside from the summer fieldtrip collection, items were acquired by teachers from their own field work research, especially on ethnic minorities in China. The visual exhibits also include some unique souvenirs, many of which are gifts from exchange activities with other universities and organizations, showcasing the local cultures where the institutions are located.


Part of the original Department collection, namely research reports and recordings, has been donated to the University Library and are kept in the Rare Books Room. Some items are on display in the Department, under research themes. These can be found on the fourth floor of Humanities Building.


The Virtual Museum is built to provide students, scholars, and the public a digital tool and an easy access to this cross-cultural resource which includes objects from different parts of the world. The Museum also provides visitors a systematic way to view the collection by curating a virtual exhibition which is changed every month, featuring artifacts on specific topics.


We welcome your suggestions and questions! Please contact us by email.  We hope you enjoy your visit to our Virtual Museum!


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