Community Outreach Overview

Community Outreach Overview

We offer the followings intercultural programs for community organizations, education institutions, and public libraries:


The Exhibition on South Asian Communities in Hong Kong offers a multi-angle view of the South Asians in Hong Kong, including a brief history, their contributions to and the challenges they face in Hong Kong, with a focus on their interaction and integration with mainstream society.

The Exhibition (56 pull-up banners in total) is bilingual, and is accompanied by:

  1. Pamphlets in eight languages (Bengali, Chinese, English, Hindi, Nepalese, Sinhalese, Tamil, and Urdu), and
  2. Exhibition Handbooks


South Asian Sports and Games Program:
The South Asian Sports and Games program provided an interactive experience for the audience through taking part in sports and games popular in South Asia, such as kabaddi and cricket. It can be arranged when the venue was deemed appropriate in terms of size and safety.


Interactive Lectures:

We offer interactive lectures on South Asian cultures and interculturalism. Please contact us for details.