Multiculturalism in Action is a knowledge transfer project, directed by Prof. Siumi Maria Tam, Department of Anthropology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It aims at involving young people of mainstream and minority origins to work together to make a change in Hong Kong. With a focus on South Asian cultures, an Indian Culture Workshop was held in 2013-14, a Nepali Culture Workshop in 2014-15, and a Pakistani Culture Workshop in 2015-16. A Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan Workshop is underway.

Mission / Objectives

The aim of Multiculturalism in Action Project is to raise awareness of South Asian culture as part of Hong Kong’s local heritage, and to dispel the stereotypes and misunderstanding that have sprung from cultural ignorance.

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Exhibition on South Asian Communities in Hong Kong 「香港的南亞裔社群」展覽

The Exhibition on South Asian Communities in Hong Kong is now available for schools, social service organizations, public libraries, and other interested parties to lend out free of charge! It provides a holistic view of the South Asians in Hong Kong, covering their contributions, challenges, and integration with mainstream society.  For enquiries, please contact Ms. Connie Lee at or 3943 7716.