The ICONIC Mums Kitchen: Tastes of Intercultural Hong Kong

Editors: Prof. Siumi Maria Tam, Dr. Janice Ying Chui Lau, and Ms. Connie Wing Tung Lee

Publisher: Department of Anthropology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

ISBN: 978-988-78495-1-3

Eating is not just for survival, but also for communicating affection, relations, and values. In a multicultural society like Hong Kong, the variety of ethnic foodways has contributed to a rich and dynamic metropolitan environment.

This cookbook involves 30 participants of the ICONIC Mums Program who are from Bangladeshi, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Nepali, Pakistani, Singaporean, and Sri Lankan backgrounds, spanning three generations. Together they illustrate a wealth of cultural cuisines in Hong Kong, as well as what is common across cultures in home cooking.

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