In Dialogue with Cong Quartet

Lee Hysan Concert Hall 
Free admission, registration is required

Artists-in-Residence, MA in Music
Dmitri Shostakovich | String Quartet No. 3, Op. 73

9 SEP 21 | THU
The Bauhinia Concert showcases premiere works by CUHK Music student composers annually. After a two-year halt prompted by the pandemic, we are now calling for scores for the Bauhinia Concert 2021 in mid November. Look forward to receiving your works! Submission Guidelines | https://cutt.ly/rWJgrI0 Deadline | Thu 7 Oct 2021 Instrumentation | No restrictions Length | No longer than 15 minutes Enquiries | cuhkbauhinia2021@gmail.com
3 SEP 21 | FRI
We are happy to announce that the Internship Programme is resuming this year.  There will be two internship periods for students to choose in each academic year. Internship period 1 will invite applications in September whilst the work period will take place from November to the following April. Internship Period 2 will invite applications in March and the work period will take place between May and August.  More diverse internship possibilities will be made available through this new arrangement.   The Music Department Internship Programme 2021/22 Period 1 involves the following organizations: 1.    Hong Kong Children’s Choir 2.    Music Children Foundation 3.    Rhapso Arts Management Limited 4.    St. Paul’s Co-educational Primary School 5.    Wah Yan College, Kowloon 6.    Yat Po Singers A briefing session of the internship will be held at 3:30pm on 17th September at LG04 HYS.  Interested students are recommended to attend this briefing. All full-time Music students are welcome to apply. Interested students please state your preference for internship positions, time availability and send a copy of your CV, together with a Statement of Purpose* (approx.. 150 words) as well as a copy of your CUHK academic record to Rianna Leung via rianna-leung@cuhk.edu.hk on or before 24th September 2021.  
10 AUG 21 | TUE
  University General Education (UGE) 2021 Fall Course Code Course Title (Units) Instructor Time and Venue Lang. UGEA2145 Chinese Music and Culture (2) Chiu Wai Yee Lulu Tue 10:30-12:15 SB LT2 C UGED1082 Appreciation of Screen Music: Music from the Movies of Marvel Studio (2) Lo Hau Man Mon 11:30-13:15 CKB LT3 C&E UGED2080 Appreciation of Western Classical Music (2) Amanda Hsieh Thu 12:30-14:15 CKB LT3 E   Music major courses (MUSC) 2021 Fall Course Code Course Title (Units) Instructor Time and Venue Lang. Prerequisites MUSC1000 The Study of Music (3) Frederick Lau Mon 09:30-12:15 YIA LT8 C&E Nil. MUSC1212 Fundamentals of Tonal Music I (2) Poon Kiu Tung Wed 16:30-18:15 HYS LG04 C#E approval of instructor MUSC2252 Materials and Structures of Music (2) Chan Kai Young Mon 14:30-16:15 HYS LG04 C&E approval of instructor MUSC2540 An Introduction to Arts Management (3) Tseng Sun Man Mon 12:30-15:15 HYS 101 C&E Nil. MUSC2872 History of Western Music I (2) Chiu Wai Yee Lulu Wed 10:30-12:15 HYS LG04 C&E approval of instructor MUSC3533 Piano Pedagogy (2) Poon Kiu Tung Mon 16:30-18:15 HYS 101 C&E grade 5 ABRSM practical exam   updated on 10 August 2021