Name Degree Study Programme Research Area
AO Jiahong 敖嘉鴻 MPhil Theory Brahms’s late piano character pieces
CAO Jiawang 曹佳望 PhD Ethnomusicology Cantonese music and Argentine tango
CHAN Chi Chun 陳子晉 PhD Ethnomusicology Ritual music, Chinese music, Taoist funeral music, Cantonese instrumental music
CHAN Jonathan Zhen Chong 陳振聰 MPhil Ethnomusicology Identity and the Indie Scene in Hong Kong
CHANG Le 常樂 MPhil Ethnomusicology Independent music in contemporary China, with emphasis on folk and rock music
CHEN Chen 陳晨 PhD Ethnomusicology Cultural Heritage, Microhistory, State-Society Relations, Shawm and Percussion Ensembles in Northern China
CHONG Siu Ling 莊少玲 MPhil Ethnomusicology The inheritance and development of Chaozhou opera in contemporary Hong Kong
CHU Siu Kai Daniel 朱肇階 MPhil Ethnomusicology Jazz in Hong Kong
CHUNG Tin Hon Aaron 鍾天瀚 MMus Composition Cross-disciplinary Collaborative Musical Works
FANDEL, Tobias DMus Composition Contemporary composition
FANG Bo 方博 PhD Ethnomusicology Contemporary Christian Worship Music, Music and Communication, Chinese Music
FU Biwen 傅碧雯 PhD Ethnomusicology Popular Music, Hip Hop Music and Culture in China, Cultural Heritage, Music Education
Haywood, Matthew Antony PhD Ethnomusicology Performances and practices of regional Chinese opera clubs
JIANG Haoran 蔣浩然 PhD Ethnomusicology (1) Popular musics of the Sinophone world; (2) Historical ethnomusicology.
LAM Chun Fai 林鎮輝 PhD Theory French music since Debussy
LAU Koon Chung 劉冠忠 MPhil Theory Rhythmic design in post-tonal music
LAU Yik Long 劉奕朗 MPhil Theory Rhythm and Intertextuality in Neoclassical Works
LEOW Johnson 廖永勝 PhD Ethnomusicology Film sound aesthetics of Hong Kong martial arts films
LING Ka Chun 凌家俊 PhD Ethnomusicology Nationalism and Indigenisation of Okinawan Music
LUK Wai Chun 陸尉俊 DMus Composition Fusion of an eclectic of stylistic elements in world music
MI Pengxuan 米芃璇 PhD Ethnomusicology Folk and religious music of minorities in Southeast China
PANG Jie 龐洁 PhD Ethnomusicology Traditional Chinese music, Intangible musical heritage and Music communication
PANG Kwan 彭珺 MMus Composition Contemporary composition
POON Ka Hei Joshua 潘家希 MPhil Ethnomusicology Gender and Chinese music since 1900
SHUEN Lai Yin 孫禮賢 MMus Composition Narrativity in Music and Music Performance in a Contemporary Context
WANG Chulei 王初蕾 MPhil Theory Style and Performance Analysis on Classical Music
WONG Ching Yin 黃正彦 MMus Composition Blending Chinese music idioms with the composition of contemporary classical music
WONG Hei Yin 王熙然 PhD Ethnomusicology Military and marching band music cultures
YAU Ella Mui Ki 邱玫琪 MPhil Historical Musicology British modernism, Russian Ballet, British ballet, Stravinsky
ZHANG Chuanhao 張傳昊 DMus Composition Chinese contemporary music, Electroasoustic music, and Impressionism
ZHANG Wenzhao 張文昭 PhD Ethnomusicology Music Criticism, Chinese Country Folk Music, Music and Communication
ZHOU Yi 周易 MPhil Ethnomusicology Sound of Blackness in China:Soundscape of African Diaspora in Guangzhou