Name Degree Study Programme Research Area
AO Jiahong 敖嘉鴻 MPhil Theory Brahms’s late piano character pieces
CAO Jiawang 曹佳望 PhD Ethnomusicology Cantonese music and Argentine tango
CHAN Jonathan Zhen Chong 陳振聰 PhD Ethnomusicology Hong Kong Indie Music
CHANG Le 常樂 MPhil Ethnomusicology Independent music in contemporary China, with emphasis on folk and rock music
CHEN Shuaike 陳帥克 DMus Composition Pluralism in Contemporary Chinese Compositions
CHEUNG Ho Ming 張浩銘 DMus Composition Musicking: Ways of creating/composing/curating musical artworks in Hong Kong
CHONG Siu Ling 莊少玲 MPhil Ethnomusicology The inheritance and development of Chaozhou opera in contemporary Hong Kong
CHU Lok Sang 朱樂生 MPhil Theory Performance analysis of International Chopin Piano Competition recordings
CHU Siu Kai Daniel 朱肇階 MPhil Ethnomusicology Jazz in Hong Kong
FU Biwen 傅碧雯 PhD Ethnomusicology Popular Music, Hip Hop Music and Culture in China, Cultural Heritage, Music Education
GAO Yanxiazi 高嚴夏子 PhD Ethnomusicology Chinese popular music and global capitalism, intersectionality of community and sound, gender and sexuality, affect theory
JIANG Haoran 蔣浩然 PhD Ethnomusicology (1) Popular musics of the Sinophone world; (2) Historical ethnomusicology
LAM Chun Ho 林俊澔 MMus Composition Contemporary music composition
LI Jiaqi Steven 李甲騏 PhD Ethnomusicology Chinese Islamic Koran Recitation & Chinese and world instrumental music
LI Kin Keung 李健強 DMus Composition Groove and polyrhythm
LING Ka Chun Nathanael 凌家俊 PhD Ethnomusicology Nationalism and Indigenisation of Okinawan Music
LUO Yanjin 羅彥瑾 MMus Composition Creative Music Composition Integrating Chinese and Western Music Elements
PANG Jie 龐洁 PhD Ethnomusicology Traditional Chinese music, Intangible musical heritage and Music communication
TANG Mian 唐冕 MPhil Historical Musicology Analysis on modal harmony music
WANG Xikun 汪熙崑 MMus Composition Contemporary music composition
WANG Zixuan 王子瑄 MPhil Ethnomusicology Contemporary Indie Rock in Mainland China
XU Genquan 徐根泉 PhD Theory 12-tone and Hindemith's technique with Chinese music
ZHENG Enzhe 鄭恩哲 DMus Composition Contemporary Composition and Electroacoustic Music
ZHENG Ziang 鄭子昂 PhD Theory 20th and 21st Century Music’ and 'Post-tonal Music Theory