Complete Course List
Choral Singing / Orchestra / Wind Orchestra Courses
Course Code Course Title
MUSC1001 Choral Singing I
MUSC1002 Choral Singing II
MUSC2001 Choral Singing III
MUSC2002 Choral Singing IV
MUSC3001 Choral Singing V
MUSC3002 Choral Singing VI
MUSC4001 Choral Singing VII
MUSC4002 Choral Singing VIII
MUSC1031 Orchestral Training I
MUSC1032 Orchestral Training II
MUSC2031 Orchestral Training III
MUSC2032 Orchestral Training IV
MUSC3031 Orchestral Training V
MUSC3032 Orchestral Training VI
MUSC4031 Orchestral Training VII
MUSC4032 Orchestral Training VIII
MUSC1041 Wind Orchestra I
MUSC1042 Wind Orchestra II
MUSC2041 Wind Orchestra III
MUSC2042 Wind Orchestra IV
MUSC3041 Wind Orchestra V
MUSC3042 Wind Orchestra VI
MUSC4041 Wind Orchestra VII
MUSC4042 Wind Orchestra VIII
Applied Music Courses
Course Code Course Title
MUSC1011 Applied Music (Minor I)
MUSC1021 Applied Music (Minor II)
MUSC2011 Applied Music (Minor III)
MUSC2021 Applied Music (Minor IV)
MUSC3011 Applied Music (Minor V) 
MUSC3021 Applied Music (Minor VI)
MUSC4011 Applied Music (Minor VII)
MUSC4021 Applied Music (Minor VIII)
MUSC1051 Applied Music (Major I)
MUSC1061 Applied Music (Major II)
MUSC2051 Applied Music (Major III)
MUSC2061 Applied Music (Major IV)
MUSC3051 Applied Music (Major V)
MUSC3061 Applied Music (Major VI)
MUSC4051 Applied Music (Major VII)
MUSC4061 Applied Music (Major VIII)
MUSC1012 Applied Music (Major IX)
MUSC1022 Applied Music (Major X)
MUSC2012 Applied Music (Major XI)
MUSC2022 Applied Music (Major XII)
MUSC3012 Applied Music (Major XIII)
MUSC3022 Applied Music (Major XIV)
MUSC4000 Senior Recital Preparation
MUSC4003 Senior Recital
Ensemble Courses
Course Code Course Title
MUSC1013 African Drumming I
MUSC1023 African Drumming II
MUSC2013 African Drumming III
MUSC2023 African Drumming IV
MUSC3013 African Drumming V
MUSC3023 African Drumming VI
MUSC4013 African Drumming VII
MUSC4023 African Drumming VIII
MUSC1014 Chamber Music Ensemble I
MUSC1024 Chamber Music Ensemble II
MUSC2014 Chamber Music Ensemble III
MUSC2024 Chamber Music Ensemble IV
MUSC3014 Chamber Music Ensemble V
MUSC3024 Chamber Music Ensemble VI
MUSC4014 Chamber Music Ensemble VII
MUSC4024 Chamber Music Ensemble VIII
MUSC1017 Javanese Gamelan Ensemble I
MUSC1027 Javanese Gamelan Ensemble II
MUSC2017 Javanese Gamelan Ensemble III
MUSC2027 Javanese Gamelan Ensemble IV
MUSC3017 Javanese Gamelan Ensemble V
MUSC3027 Javanese Gamelan Ensemble VI
MUSC4017 Javanese Gamelan Ensemble VII
MUSC4027 Javanese Gamelan Ensemble VIII
MUSC1018 Jazz Ensemble I
MUSC1028 Jazz Ensemble II
MUSC2018 Jazz Ensemble III
MUSC2028 Jazz Ensemble IV
MUSC3018 Jazz Ensemble V
MUSC3028 Jazz Ensemble VI
MUSC4018 Jazz Ensemble VII
MUSC4028 Jazz Ensemble VIII
MUSC1019 New Music Ensemble I
MUSC1029 New Music Ensemble II
MUSC2019 New Music Ensemble III
MUSC2029 New Music Ensemble IV
MUSC3019 New Music Ensemble V
MUSC3029 New Music Ensemble VI
MUSC4019 New Music Ensemble VII
MUSC4029 New Music Ensemble VIII
Level 1000 Courses
Course Code Course Title
MUSC1000 The Study of Music
MUSC1212 Fundamentals of Tonal Music I
MUSC1222 Fundamentals of Tonal Music II
Level 2000 Courses
Course Code Course Title
MUSC2252 Materials and Structures of Music
MUSC2262 Advanced Harmonic Practice
MUSC2333 Music Information Technology
MUSC2542 Music in World Cultures
MUSC2543 Conducting
MUSC2545 Music Therapy
MUSC2552 Music, Culture and Society
MUSC2562 Foundations of Chinese Music
MUSC2872 History of Western Music I
MUSC2882 History of Western Music II
MUSC2913 Selected Study I
Level 3000 Courses
Course Code Course Title
MUSC3223 History of Western Music: Special Topic II
MUSC3243 History of Western Music: Special Topic IV
MUSC3323 Counterpoint (Tonal and Modern)
MUSC3333 Orchestral Techniques
MUSC3343 Composition I
MUSC3353 Composition II
MUSC3363 Composition III
MUSC3373 Scoring for Film and Television
MUSC3383 Electronic Music
MUSC3432 Tonal Music Analysis
MUSC3442 Post-Tonal Music Analysis
MUSC3472 Theory and Analysis: Special Topic III
MUSC3482 Theory and Analysis: Special Topic IV
MUSC3492 Analysis and Performance
MUSC3502 Vocal/Instrumental Pedagogy
MUSC3530 Music Performer's Issues
MUSC3533 Piano Pedagogy
MUSC3542 Selected Topic in World Musics
MUSC3562 Chinese Music: Selected Topics
MUSC3582 Selected Topic in Music and Society
MUSC3732 Composition: Special Topic III
MUSC3902 History of Film Music
MUSC3912 Music Pedagogy: Special Topic I
MUSC3922 Music Pedagogy: Special Topic II
MUSC3923 Selected Study II
MUSC3932 Music Pedagogy: Special Topic III
MUSC3933 Selected Study III
MUSC3942 Music Pedagogy: Special Topic IV
Level 4000 Courses
Course Code Course Title
MUSC4243 Research Methods in Music
MUSC4513 Senior Pedagogy Project I
MUSC4523 Senior Pedagogy Project II
MUSC4813 Senior Thesis I
MUSC4823 Senior Thesis II
MUSC4943 Selected Study IV
University General Education Courses
Course Code Course Title
UGEA2145 Chinese Music and Culture
UGEA2148 Chineseness through Music: Then and Now
UGEB2149 Music, Mind and AI
UGED1081 Jazz Appreciation: Jazz, American Culture, and Global Contexts
UGED1082 Appreciation of Screen Music : Music from the Movies of Marvel Studio
UGED1084 Understanding Musicals: Broadway and Beyond
UGED2080 Appreciation of Western Classical Music
UGED2133 Music in Film
UGED2175 Beethoven in China and the West