To qualify for the award of the Master of Arts in Music, students must successfully complete a total of EIGHT courses (24 units), including at least ONE course from each of the three study areas: “Music and Society”, “Music, Industry, and Creativity” and “Style and Interpretation”. Students also need to achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.

A selection of up to twelve courses will be offered in each academic year.

Music and Society
Course Code Course Title
MUSC5101 Traditional Musical Culture in China
MUSC5102 Musical Culture in Contemporary China
MUSC5103 Music and Popular Culture in Hong Kong
MUSC5104 Music in Film
MUSC5106 Music-Making in Global Contexts
MUSC5111 Special Topic I in “Music and Society”
MUSC5112 Special Topic II in “Music and Society”
Music, Industry, and Creativity
Course Code Course Title
MUSC5201 Music Management and Promotion
MUSC5202 Advanced Tonal Skills
MUSC5203 Practical Composing and Arranging
MUSC5204 Advanced Music Information Technology
MUSC5205 Writing Music for the Church
MUSC5206 Entrepreneurship and New Vision in Music
MUSC5211 Special Topic III in “Music, Industry, and Creativity”
MUSC5212 Special Topic IV in “Music, Industry, and Creativity”
Style and Interpretation
Course Code Course Title
MUSC5301 Frontiers in Music Theory
MUSC5302 Style, Interpretation, and Performance Practice
MUSC5303 Western Opera & Vocal Literature
MUSC5304 Western Instrumental Literature
MUSC5305 Practical Studies in Musicianship and Conducting (Choral)
MUSC5306 Practical Studies in Musicianship and Conducting (Orchestral)
MUSC5311 Special Topic V in “Style and Interpretation”
MUSC5312 Special Topic VI in “Style and Interpretation”