From Constraints to Creativity: Cantonese Text-setting in Choral Music
SAT 24 APR 2021 | 2:30 PM

A lecture-demonstration by Prof. Kai-Young Chan

Lee Hysan Concert Hall | In Cantonese
Live Event (limited no.)* / Zoom 
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How do we write intelligible ("啱音") melodies for existing text? How do we maintain intelligibility when multiple melodies combine? What should we take care of when preparing scores of Cantonese choral music? How does knowing Cantonese help us be creative in composition? This lecture-demonstration will be focusing on these topics. A short performance by CUHK Music Student Chorus will follow the lecture. Attendees of the live event will be given perusal scores of selected works. 

All S.A.T.B. Programme
Maybe You've Grown Weary of Crying 也許 (2019/2021, world premiere of SATB ver.)
Night at the Lantern Festival  青玉案.元夕 (2021, world premiere)
and more

*Due to the reduced capacity of the Lee Hysan Concert Hall under social-distancing measures, only a limited number of registrants will be able to attend the live event. (First-registered, first-served). Notifications of the successful live event registration, or the Zoom link, will be sent via phone or email.